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Weddings In Sydney – Designing Your Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the heart of the day and an opportunity for you to express your feelings of love and commitment to each other in the company of your families and friends.

I have a 50 page booklet, which I give to couples which will assist you in creating your own unique and special day reflecting your own individual style as a bride and groom. Inside the booklet are lots of ideas for Introductions, vows, ring ceremonies, parents blessings and there are also a number of additional ceremonial aspects that you may like to add such as Handfasting, Poetry readings, Sand/flower ceremony, Butterfly/Dove release etc. etc. You can mix and match from any of these or write your own elements or the complete ceremony yourself. We can work together to create the ceremony you desire. The choices are many and varied and yours to make.

In the myriad of decisions to make and things to plan for a wedding the actual ceremony can be forgotten about. Take a few breaths and think about what you want to say and how you want the day to feel. Together we can create a ceremony that is sincere, heartfelt, honest and fun.

Tips to writing your own wedding vows:

There is a legal phrase that must be said by both the bride and groom which is; I call upon the persons here present to witness that I (name) take you (name) to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband. These are by no means the only words that you can say. Following are some suggestions to help you with the thought process in creating your own special words.


  • Discuss the mood that you would like to achieve between you, Romantic, formal or spiritual.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to write and review your personal words. You may wish to change a word or two after you have written them.
  • Try to match the length of wording. It can create an imbalance when one party has written an A4 page and the other one sentence. I would suggest a paragraph or two to be an ideal length.
  • Research on the internet vows that other couples have used or make a selection from the many examples of vows listed in the booklet which I give to couples to help them to create their own unique wedding.
  • If you get stuck try to write down a number of things that you love about each other and together we can create your vows.

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