Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are a very important part of family celebrations. They are the delightful occasion when the parents choose to formally introduce their child to their family and friends and at that time bestow a name upon the child. Many parents, who hold no particular religious beliefs, choose to have a Name Giving Ceremony for their child believing that the child will be able to make religious or non religious choices for themselves when they are old enough to understand the commitment.

Ceremonies can also include activities such as planting of trees, sealing a time capsule, contributing to a memento box, the lighting of candles, this can sometimes be a bit of a challenge if the ceremony is held outdoors on a windy day.

A Naming Certificate is presented to the newly named child or person. Certificates can also be available for both Guardians, Mentors, God Parents and Grand Parents if required.

Message to a child.

This is your special day, although you will not remember it or even know what it means. Yet, we want you to know that we are all here for you, not just for today, but every day that we possibly can for the rest of your life.

Parents, relatives and friends gathered here today, have so many wishes for you. However much we want to, we can’t protect you from all life’s hurts. One day you’ll understand why. So, more than all our wishes and hopes, there’s one thing we can promise you: that we will always be here to support and help you, in  good times and in bad.

To show a child what has once delighted you, to find the child’s delight added to your own, so that there is now a double delight seen in the glow of trust and affection, this is happiness.

What children are looking for is a hug, a lap, a kind word, a touch, someone, to read them a story, somebody to smile and share with.

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