Weddings In Sydney – FAQs

  • How long before the wedding takes place must a Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) be lodged with a celebrant?
At least 1 month and 1 day. In exceptional circumstances the Registrar may approve a shortening of time. There are five categories of circumstances set out in the regulations and there is no capacity to grant shortening of time outside these circumstances. These are as follows:
  • Employment related or other travel commitments,
  • Wedding or celebrant arrangements, or religious considerations,
  • Medical reasons
  • Legal proceedings
  • Error in giving notice

Please ask for advice before you submit a request for a shortening of time.

  • Do you need to be an Australian Citizen to marry in Australia?

No. Anyone may marry in Australia providing you are both over the age of 18 and not legally married. If one or both of you is between 16 and 18, additional requirements must be met. Please send me an email for additional information.

  • Do we need to be resident in Australia for a certain time before we can marry?

No. You can marry the day that you arrive from overseas if you wish. Providing all the legal paperwork is in order.

  • Can I use photocopies of my birth certificates and other documents as identification?

No. All documents must be originals and in English. If the documents are in another language they must be translated by an official translator. Please contact me for a list of translators.

  • Can I get married on the beach in Australia?

Subject to the relevant councils booking requirements you can get married on any beach in Australia. You can also marry on boats, in restaurants and in any of the wonderful locations in Australia.

  • Can we get married overseas and then again in Australia?

Under Australian law you cannot get married twice. Some couples chose to marry in Australia and then have a commitment or reaffirmation ceremony in another country or vice versa. This can be ideal way to include family and friends who were unable to attend the original ceremony.

  • Do I need to undertake any classes or training before getting married?

There is no legal requirement to do so but the Australian government encourages you to attend marriage guidance and if you wish to explore this I can provide local resources to assist you in finding a suitable course.

  • Is the certificate presented to the couples on the day an official document?

The certificate presented on the day is an official document You will see that it bears the Commonwealth Coat of Arms and a pattern on the front, and a number on the back that is unique to each certificate (and is traceable), but the security features of the new certificate will not be visible. These features make your marriage certificate significantly more secure as an official document because they protect it against alteration and reproduction.

While a certificate of marriage is not a proof of identity document, it is evidence of your change in marital status and in some situations (e.g. when applying for an Australian passport or drivers license) you may be asked to produce a registered copy of it.

To receive a copy of the registered document you will need to complete a form from Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM) requesting a copy and there is a small fee involved payable to BDM for this certificate. I give couples a copy of this form on the day along with the certificate and a copy of their ceremony.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or send me an email.